Much has happened since the June meeting. We were scheduled to move the meetings back to Jimi's in Royal Oak but that can not happen. Al Bailey (K8SIX) and Brad Nowak (N8SNM) went to Jimi's and talked to one of the co-owners. They found that after the remodel there will not be a meeting room for us to use. Al and Brad immediately investigated two other possible venues. One of which had what we need to hold our meetings. We now have a reserved room at Gino's in Keego Harbor ( website ). Located at 1999 Cass Lake Rd, Keego Harbor, MI 48320 (248) 682-6540. They have an extensive menu and liquor is served. We owe Al and Brad a big thank you for taking the initiative to find us a place to meet September on very short notice. Please note that Keego Harbor has aggressive traffic enforcement (5 over or yellow light can get you a hefty advised).

There is a lot to discuss at the September meeting.

We do not have a president yet. At the June meeting I volunteered to be vice president and nobody stepped forward to be president. We should resolve this at the September meeting. If no one else will volunteer to be president, then I will do it and we need a vice president. In any case we should have a full roster of officers by meeting adjournment.

Gino's web site is impressive. I think we have a good place to meet. After this trial meeting there, we can discuss whether this is an acceptable location.

Steve Culp (K8QKY) is stepping down as program manager. He will continue until the Jan 2018 meeting and can help train the new program manager before then. Steve has brought us great programs and we owe him a big thank you. I hope the members will consider volunteering for this position. It is a difficult job and all the members will be willing to lend a hand with the operation. We have some well connected members that can be a big help in filling in the program calendar. Otherwise we will have to rely on videos instead of speakers.

I hope we have a good turnout at the September meeting to attend to the important agenda.

73 Doug Basberg (N8VY), vice president