Club Callsign: WA8DX


Final text to be supplied by the Board. The SouthEast Michigan DX Association (SEMDXA) is a group of radio enthusiasts whose purpose is to promote the pursuit of DXing in Amateur Radio.

Mission Statement

We, the undersigned, wishing to secure for ourselves the pleasure and benefits of the association of amateur radio operators commonly interested in pursuing DX, do hereby constitute ourselves the Southeast Michigan DX Association, a non-profit organization, and enact this constitution as our governing law.

It shall be our purpose to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members; to promote DX-ing in our area and in the world; to seek to improve the operating practices and procedures of our members and the DX community; to gather and disseminate DX information; to assist, when possible, in the sponsoring of DX-pedition and DX contests; to foster contact and the exchange of information with other DX associations throughout this nation and the world, and to so conduct club programs and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of DX-ing and of Amateur Radio in general.

SEMDXA Constitution & By-Laws

The Constitution & By-Laws document is HERE.

Some History

Sometime in 1980, five hams met at the Steak & Ale on Northwestern Highway in Southfield to organize a DX association. The men were K8NA Ted, W8LU Ken, K8BTH Wayne, W8SYR Jim and K8EJ Steve along with one or two others. The SouthEast Michigan DX Association was born. KR8V Gary attended the first general meeting. I remember early meetings being held at the Steak & Ale and the Botsford Inn.

SEMDXA has financially supported these DXpeditions

in 2015:

E30FB – Eritrea, TX3X – Chesterfield Islands, VP8STI/SGI – S. Sandwich; S. Georgia Isl, VK0EK – Heard Isl., K5P – Palmyra Isl., FT4JA – Juan de Nova, and ZL9A – Antipodes Isl.

in 2016;

Bouvet Island – 3Y0Z

in 2017:

Mellish Reef – VK9MA
Caribbean Relief Fund (W1AW)

in 2018:

Baker Howland – KH1/KH7Z
St. Brandon – 3B7A
Ducie Island – VP6D

in 2019:

Tokelau Islands – ZK3A

in 2020:

South Orkney – VP8/VP8DXU

in 2022:

Bouvet Island – 3Y0J

in 2023:

Crozet Island – FT8WW

SEMDXA supports the DX Code of Conduct
More questions about SEMDXA? Send an email to: info@semdxa.org